A Social Experiment (of Sorts)

So I have had a notion hanging around in the back of my mind for a couple weeks now; one that concerns my approach to social media as part of my outward interactions. I am often ashamed to think that I only partake in social media to take from those who are more free in sharing their lives and opinions. It is in my nature as a collector to do so. Yet I too have a desire to be known, and perhaps it would behoove me to find a way to open myself up in a way that might promote interaction with those whom I have potentially robbed, albeit less than intentionally. So, starting next week, I shall endeavor to create a specific type of dialogue for each individual weekday. Here are my categories for each day and the hashtags that will identify them:

Mondays- Momentary Madness: Here I aim to present conspiracies, hypothetical scenarios, or maybe just something insanely controversial that might challenge what you believe or cause you to consider the possibilities. But mostly, it is my way of expressing some of the crazy thoughts I have. Readers will be welcome to ponder, ridicule, or affirm these notions and should use the hashtag #MomentaryMadness (or #MMM, for Momentary Madness Mondays).

Tuesdays- Take Two: Here I will present two things, whether very similar or perhaps more alike than people realize, and give a brief “lecture”. Readers are encouraged to add their own opinion to the subject, as long as they use the hashtag #TakeTwo (or #TTT, for Take Two Tuesdays).

Wednesdays- Twelve Words: Here I will answer any question that is exactly twelve words long; not one word more, nor one less. And to be fair, I will provide an answer that is exactly twelve words as well. However, each question posted to my wall must be followed by the hashtag #TwelveWords (or #12WW, for Twelve Word Wednesdays). Failure to do so will result in the question being ignored (although I might answer it anyway on the first offense).

Thursdays- Those Things That: Here I will detail something that I have a very particular stance towards, whether negative, positive, or slightly apathetic. Feel free to respond with your thoughts on the particular subject in kind. And as before, please use this hashtag #ThoseThingsThat (or #TTTT, for Those Things That Thursdays) in your comment or post.

Fridays- Fun Fact Friday: Here I will only seek to provide those who are interested a brief tidbit about myself. Ideally these will be something nobody (or at least few people) might know about me. Readers are welcome to reply with a Fun Fact of their own or just comment on what I shared. And, as usual, it will be hashtagged #FunFacts (or #FFF, for Fun Fact Fridays). Comments on said Fun Fact should also include said hashtags.

So there is the line-up, a potentially exhausting one at worst. However this experiment comes with a catch, one that hinges on the participation of those whom I have connected with over social media, for one reason or another. If any post, on any day, that fails to receive any feedback or discussion (preferably using the hashtags listed) will result in that category/day to cease to continue. As the instigator of this experiment, I will be recording the statistics for each category/day and may choose to post these at some point, perhaps when a category has reached its end. I am truly interested in how long this experiment can last and I hereby promise to continue the experiment until said discussion fails to be found. Keep your eyes peeled for my first #MMM post next week!

PS- Posts will be made early morning (likely between 3 and 6 am) each day and the discussion will be open (at least on my end, participants are welcome to continue a discussion as they seem fit) until midnight of that particular day.


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  1. For those who might be curious, this little experiment lasted about 5 weeks before I lost interest and it fizzled out.

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