Bashe, Huntress of Shurima

*Disclaimer* This is technically a Sivir rework, drawing on the lore update made in Azir’s return via Sivir’s blood. The story does not detail what happens to Sivir as she lay in the pool bleeding out, so I decided to have her be revived by Azir as an Ascended, like  Nasus and Renekton. *Disclaimer*

Base stats, stat growth per level, skill damage, and cooldowns (Bashe is a mana-less champion) are not so important as this stage as hashing out the concept behind her skills and their interactions.

Passive- Huntress of the Sands:

Bashe’s basic attacks interact with her other abilities, and scale up at her ultimate level.

Boomerang Blade- Champions and Large Monsters hit by the blade gain a stack of “Prey”. Auto-attacking them consumes the stack and heals Bashe for 1/2/3% of her max hp. If the target dies when “Prey” is consumed, Bashe gains 30/40/50 bonus Gold.

Sand in the Eyes- Enemies hit by the bag take 10/18/25% more damage on Bashe’s next attack against them.

Sand Shield- After the shield expires or blocks a skill/spell, Bashe’s next 3 auto-attacks will slow those hit by 20/35/50% for 1 second (attacking an enemy already slowed by this effect refreshes the slow, not multiplying it).

The Grand Hunt- Bashe’s auto-attacks bounce to an additional 3 enemies (prioritizing champions) and deal 4/6/8% of their missing hp as bonus magic damage.

Q- Boomerang Blade:

Bashe throws out a large blade that travels a long distance out and returns, dealing damage and applying a stack of “Prey” to those hit on the way out and back.

W- Sand in the Eyes:

Bashe throws a bag of sand for a moderate distance, dealing damage to the first enemy hit and blinding enemies in small area for a short time.

E- Sand Shield:

Bashe summons a shield of sand to block an enemy skill/spell. If a skill/spell is successfully negated, Bashe gains a 15/20/25% move speed and 45/60/75% attack speed boost for 2 seconds.

R- The Grand Hunt:

Bashe grows in size, gaining a small amount of additional hp, increases her range slightly, and gains extra movespeed for 10 second. She also is granted “True Sight” against enemy champions for the duration.

So there it is, Sivir, now gone through Ascension, has been reborn as Bashe, Huntress of Shurima.


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