Why I Hate Being “Nice”

Perhaps the worst word someone could use when describing me is “nice”, and let me explain why. “Nice” is filler. It’s a word people use when they cannot think of anything better. It means very little, yet gets used way too much. “Nice”, in my opinion, is bad.

I hate “Nice” because it is fake.

When people use this word, do they really consider what they are saying? “Nice” is the word people use when they describe a highly forgettable first date that had nothing bad happen. “Nice” is the word people use when they hate to offend someone about something that they could care less about. If someone were to tell me they think I’m “nice”, I would ask them to quantify what they really mean. If they fail to produce something of substance, like saying I’m trustworthy or that I’m a good person or even that I have a pleasant demeanor, then I know they’re just pulling shit out of their ass. I desire to be real, and if you take notice of this genuine persona, then call it what it is and don’t use “nice”. It’s a slap in my face.

I hate “Nice” because it is boring.

What does this word really represent? “Nice” is not an active word, it’s perhaps the most passive word someone could use. It implies nothing, creates nothing, and leaves nothing. “Nice” is un-offensive and, I hate to break it to y’all, I want to be offensive. Why? Because if I offend you by being real, I grant you the chance to do something about it, challenging both of us to grow over the reconciliation of differences. I would rather be offensive and force you to take notice than to just slide by as another “nice” guy.

I hate “Nice” because it is not who we were called to be.

If you really dig into the Gospels, you’d find no reference to Jesus as “nice”. Over and over He is called “good” but never “nice”. Why? Because while Jesus did wonders and performed miracles and loved everyone, he often rubbed people the wrong way. The religious authorities despised Jesus because He was real in his ministry, spending his time with the sinners: tax collectors, prostitutes, and unclean. He went to those who needed His love the most, and did straight by them. When He saw hypocrisy, He called it out and this made plenty of enemies among the religious leaders. The political authorities ignored him until He preached the truth of a kingdom to come,  a kingdom not of man, but of heaven. This turned the heads of the power-hungry and money-lovers. In fact, Jesus was so offended by the greed and corruption within the temple, he flipped tables, cursed at the money-lenders, and beat them with a switch. Naturally this got people’s attention, and it sure as shootin’ wasn’t because He was “nice”.

So I challenge my readers to stop and think the next time you use “nice” to describe something. What do you really mean? Why not just say those words instead. Use something that is real, even if it might offend, because honesty truly sets us free, free to be who we are. And if who we are is broken, miserable, and desperate, remember there’s a guy named Jesus who walked this earth to reach people like us. And believe me, knowing Him is as real as it gets…



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