The Initialization of the Invitation Initiation

I cannot help but sometimes feel as though I simply am and there is little else to be. Perhaps this is an extension of my attitude of lone wolf or my tendency to enter every new situation as an empathetic observer rather than an active participant. Yet I have no desire to change, for I am at a place where I am content with what I know about who I am, but rather I wish to help others around me understand how to better relate to me.


So here’s the scoop: if I’m standing awkwardly within earshot, it’s generally not because I’m eavesdropping, it’s because I wish to join the conversation but am unsure of how to do so without being rude or lacking courtesy. Yet once I have an understanding of subjects with which to breach conversation, I am more apt to begin the interchange. For in my case, I can go from outsider to integral with some time and a little additional involvement. So if I fail to say the first word, feel free to pry it from my lips…




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