Concerning One’s Default Setting and Base Code

I truly believe that each person has specific instinctual habits that are not formed over time but are programmed into the very fabric of their being. These I consider to be base code. From this personal code will inevitably grow certain nuances that we fall back on when all else fails, a default setting if you will. So due to a minor epiphany I had this weekend, I would like to expand on what these looks like in myself and why.

This weekend was the first all summer I did not have most of my time consumed by plans or work. And oh how I needed it. The entire past three months have been non-stop busy, with two jobs, weddings to attend, soccer matches to be played, and social appearances to be made. Yet this past weekend, I found myself with total free time, and I did what has become my default setting: I played games.

I have always been extremely competitive and enjoying a good game perhaps more than the average person. It is the intricacies of a game that holds my interest, the greater the detail, the longer I can play it. This draws on my coding as an analyst, and pushes me towards games that have a higher degree of strategy and tactics. Now that doesn’t mean I cannot handle fast-paced action, for I also greatly enjoy the thrill of gun battles and car chases. But whenever I have indecision as to the nature of my gaming, I will choose a thinking game first.

However, going back to my competitive coding, I desire to play with others more than by myself. The unfortunate downside to this desire is that it is counter to my default setting of the lone wolf. I have been in charge of my own entertainment, and now habitual hermitage has left its mark. And having no desire to attempt to change something I have come to accept as part of who I am and how I was created, I now consider my default setting in society.

I am, and have been for as long as I have attended a school, an observer. I absorb the world as it invades my senses, committing the data to memory. And at the same time, I analyze, deduce, and extrapolate; making judgments and building profiles of those who cross my path. I have often wondered how well I would do as a criminal profile, for psychology fascinates me in the realm of human nature. But as an observer I also wish to share my knowledge, hence bringing me to the default setting of an educator. It is my desire to spread what I know, and improve the intelligence of those around me, for a more intelligent generation can hope for a brighter future, one shaped by their eager hands, forged from their memories of the past.

And so I press on, filing away my past and heading towards the horizon that is my future. But in doing so I stay resolute in who I am, for if all else fails my basic code will continue to place one foot in front of the other, for my default setting is to never surrender, for I shall prevail; if not on my own then with the strength of my Creator.




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