The Bane of Busy-ness, and the Inevitable Bliss

“Idle hands are the Devil’s playground”  -Proverbs 16:27

Growing up it was instilled within me by my father that one should always have work; for idleness is akin to laziness, and laziness breeds complacency. Complacency is a devious trap often set by our own unwillingness to change our patterns and habits when they have become detrimental to the development of our person. To this end, and in order to continue my personal growth, I have swore off idle time and created a strenuously busy schedule for the next couple months. Now I will admit that this creation was just as much of necessity as it was of purpose, for as I have alluded to in previous posts the debts to which I am currently striving to wipe clean. However let me not get sidetracked from the topic at hand.

Here is a glimpse at the busy-ness I have crafted: my typical day starts at 3 in the afternoon (I work the night shift) when I wake and prepare for practice, I then coach my JH soccer team from 3:30 to 5, from there I go to my part-time job and work from 5:30 to 11:15, once I have closed up there I get ready for my full-time job and clock in soon after midnight, staying until 8 or 9 in the morning, and finally I head home for a bowl of cereal and sleep. This process repeats itself any weekday I do not have a soccer match (for I also play in an adult recreational league in town). So my only respite from the crammed-to-the-brim day is a soccer match (which tend to be physically and mentally draining whether I’m playing or coaching) or the brief differential of the weekend. However I tend to work for my part-time job on the weekends so I’m still only afforded a minuscule few free hours to pursue what semblance of a social life I claim to have.

Yet despite this torrential occupation of my time I find myself joyful, for it promises to be an improvement over the hermitage I found myself in around this same time last year. I do have a little remorse that because I’m committed to this busy schedule for some time that it hinders my ability to adapt to the ever-changing social needs I possess. For while I may have desire to be more socially active, with friends old and new, my schedule only permits me to do so on my own free time and therefore forces my companions to commit themselves to my timeline. This potentially creates a picture of selfishness, one I have no desire to portray. Even so I am less apt to clear my schedule out due to overwhelming responsibilities and would rather maintain my lone wolf habitation on this earth a little longer.

All this said, I see a light at the end of the year (or tunnel, if that’s what you expected me to say) for I have plans to adapt my schedule once I begin my classes in pursuit of my teaching degree. However words of wisdom would remind me not to “have a plan”, but to rather be prepared with plans if certain situations arise. This proves to be the inevitable bane of my psyche, for I am constantly devising, analyzing, and deducing what the potential futures could be with each variable choice. So it is my duty to find my bliss in this busy-ness of my own design, for I am not busy for idleness’ sake but to rather empower me to become that which I believe I am able.


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