A Semblance of Suicide

In the early hours of this day of American Independence, I spent the better part of two hours bawling my eyes out in an unusual fit of frustration, grief, and lamentation. Perhaps it was the late hour or my inability to take any more negativity, but I bared my soul to my Creator and gave it up. This spiritual suicide was a killing of my fragile doubts and emotions, one long overdue. After having laid all before the Omniscient, a sense of peace and purpose was able to surface. In a rare moment of clarity, I sought the one thing I had been too ashamed to seek before: forgiveness. Forgiveness from the people I wronged, forgiveness for the stupidity I perpetrate, forgiveness for my undeniably selfish ways. Regardless whether I receive this forgiveness, I feel content in knowing I have put myself out there. This is enough to sooth my torment for now.






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One response to “A Semblance of Suicide

  1. John and Margaret Ingold

    Luke, We hope that a sense of peace and purpose will continue.

    Love, Grandpa and Grandma Ingold

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