Just Some Novel Ideas

While I don’t write them down often, I am constantly thinking up ideas and characters for books and stories. Lately there have been a couple ideas for stories I’ve been mulling over. Titles are more subject orientated and by no means final.

Last Words/Rites/Act:

This is a potential trilogy that begins by following a journalism student working on his master’s degree as he visits local hospital to talk to terminally ill and dying patients. During his visits he runs into a mysterious priest who carries a suspicious looking notebook and has a unsettling habit of turning up right before a patient passes away. He turns to a childhood friend working as an intern at the NSA to learn more about this priest. However, the truth might not be something they should be glad they discovered!

The Girl of a Thousand Mysteries:

This story is the narrated memories of a man who fell in love with a woman full of mystery, and the daughter who looks exactly like her mother. As he pursues the secret of this enigmatic family, he stumbles into a world hidden in the shadows; one of fairy tales and folklore. When he is finally confronted with the truth, he must make an impossible choice between love and reality.

The Eternal:

This story is loosely drawn from the concept of Nephilim from the Old Testament, or the offspring of angelic beings and humans. This race of beings has immortality in the form of reincarnation but each rebirth they forget who they are/were for a certain number of years, based on the actions and lifestyle they previously led. The main character is of Dominion lineage, making him of great value to the forces aware of the existence and powers of the Nephilim. He has yet to awake to his memories and struggles discerning who is truly friend or foe in the eternal battle for the fate of the planet.


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