A Chip off the Ole Block and onto the Shoulder

It really has been a while since I emptied my mind onto this virtual canvas. Things that have changed since last time: bought a new car, church attendance becoming more consistent, work is good, sleep was lost, and thoughts were had. In short, nothing too exciting has happened.

However I have had a few different philosophical debates banging around in my head and I guess it’s about time one got out. Something that was discussed recently at the weekly devotional for work was that of “Christian” organizations becoming more open and accepting of employing those engaged in a homosexual relationship. I feel there is a line to be drawn here, as this is a subject I myself have struggled to come to grips with.

At the core of my belief, I cannot accept homosexuality as moral. There are too many Biblical (and ethical) reasons why this is so. Where the line becomes blurred is how I am to respond to those involved in a homosexual lifestyle. The argument of choice or nature is not important in my mind, as this gets opinionated quickly and lacks the empirical evidence and logic my brain dwells upon. In the past I have been wary of involvement in either side of the debate, as I felt my beliefs were not solid enough to put forth my deductions. However as time evolves and so has my understandings, I have reached a couple conclusions…
Perhaps one of the best responses I have discovered is that of love and inclusion. Now when I say inclusion, this excludes acceptance. To accept a person’s homosexuality is tantamount to telling them it is okay and therefore moral. For I truly believe that it is the duty (and work) of the Holy Spirit that convicts us at our core if we are engaged in wrong-doing. To blatantly address a homosexual in their immorality can only lead to shame, shame will lead to denial, and denial to withdrawal. Rather, bring the sinner into the church and treat them as God sees them: His children. As they see the love the church has for them as a person, and not the animosity towards their sin, they can grow in their understanding of the love of the Father, the work of the Holy Spirit is enabled. Through the Holy Spirit conviction comes, and as the fire burns in the soul, the immoral has no choice but to depart.

Before the naysayers criticize and judge my beliefs, I am by no means homophobic, and nor have I claimed to be against people in a homosexual lifestyle. What I am against is immorality. Immortality stems from the sinful nature borne of the Fall in Eden and rests on our shoulders as if to remind us we cannot hope to attain the perfection that existed before sin corrupted the human race. For it is only by grace and mercy we have the promise of perfection and only through the greatest sacrifice are we able to look towards that reward.



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