Life As It Is and Long Overdue Rants…

I really should write more often, for there is much to write about, I just don’t feel the urgency to do so as often as I should. Some things have changed since I last wrote, mainly my current professional standing. I now have my Property and Casualty Insurance License and am working towards my Life and Health so I can start a new job down in Anderson, Indiana with United Insurance. This really is a good opportunity for me and pays very well considering. However I face the age old problem of motivation, just like I did weeks before as I was studying for my P&C license. The urgency of my studies just don’t set in until the day before I have the test. So yeah, mega-motivation is needed for the next week…

Also WTF PC games!?! Why does everything take a 24hr download/install time now? I just want to try a beta test, not spend my entire weekend waiting for the stupid game to patch. Ok so I admit my internet is not the fastest (~1.5mbps) but that’s fast enough to play/patch every other game I’ve tried in the past. So why is TERA so fking difficult to patch? Anyway, I need more caffeine…


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