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It’s been one of the weeks.  I have so many thoughts rambling around in my brain I cannot process the whole into a decent coherent statement.  Yet I feel like I must spill the beans and type out my verbal frustrations.  Hopefully by bearing my mind, this post will find a soul…

Primarily on my mind this past week is the question of self.  How do I define myself?  What does it mean for me to be me?  To help myself answer these questions I was pointed to another set of questions derived from my “tours” in a video program called “The Truth Project”.  These questions are “Who is God” and “What is Truth”.

Who is God?

I cannot begin to define who I am as man without first developing an idea of who God is.  This question is THE question, that which we ask ourselves day in and day out.  Everyone has a god, whether or not they acknowledge the fact they have that kind of faith and devotion.  To most without religious beliefs, self is god.  To those of us who claim a religion, God is the ultimate prefect being, and to many, the Creator.  To me God is everything I wish I was and everything I cannot comprehend.  God is the perfect example of everything I should aspire to become.  But He is also everything that comes before and everything that will come, His plan is the framework of our entire universe and beyond.  If God created man in His image then I have that glimmer of hope, that the goodness of God will outshine the darkness of my sinful nature.  In this way, I am perfectly fallen, redeemed in my error, and saved from everything I am that would destroy who I could become.

What is Truth?

After laying down a framework for my understanding of self by rooting it in who God is, I must challenge the idea of truth.  What defines Truth?  Webster’s Dictionary from 1828 would tell us that truth is “Conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be. The truth of history constitutes its whole value. We rely on the truth of the scriptural prophecies”. To me Truth is that which is morally immutable and universally pure in nature and intent.  So then if I view Truth as something perfect, then my understanding of right and wrong should be equally set.  Right is that which follows the Truth and wrong is that which ignores, avoids, and subverts Truth.  The universe becomes a stand-off between the truth and the lie, the right and the wrong.

Who am I (Who is Man)?

Having established who God is and what Truth is, I can now hope to define how I, as man, fit into the picture.  As man I am fallen, but as man I am also created.  Created by one who loves me even in my despair, one who supports me when the walls cave in around me, one who implanted me with His image.  With that said, how does that effect how I act?  Do I act as if I am redeemed or do I allow myself to coax through life as if it is all there is?  I intend to plant my feet and declare “I am Man, myself!”  Philosophers have said that man should know themselves first, then discover truth.  It is an ultimatum of life, to know thyself.  By knowing oneself, we open the possibilities of knowing others.  Truly that is what I seek in relationships, not someone who acts perfect and with their act together, but someone who knows exactly who they are.  It is self-confidence in their identity that one becomes wholly independent.

It is the trinity of Truth, God, and Self that define our worldview.  By this we will act, speak, and think.  So I ask is your worldview balanced? Does your trinity stand upright or has it fallen on its side?  Have you put Man or Truth before God?  If so, maybe it is time for some reconstruction, of the mind, body, and soul…


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