Treasuring Our Values

Something that has been on my mind lately is what I value most in people.  I feel these values are a reflection of who I am, and how I treat people.  I have found that this is especially true when interacting with someone new or those I am not well-acquainted with.  When I interact with people I look for diligence, wit, and integrity.  These values are fairly loaded and I plan to explain each in some depth.


When I speak of diligence, I expect nothing less than a stubborn effort to finish the job.  An unrelenting attitude of hard work, focusing on the task at hand.  However hard work is not enough, for I also look for intelligence in labor, for someone who puts the extra effort in to find the most efficient method of completing their job.  Needless to say, it is something I was expected to do when growing up and now having realized the importance of such values, I seek that in others.


When I speak of wit, I look for more than just intelligence.  Wit is a quick type of smart, able to analyze new data and decipher a solution immediately.  It is a form of humor that lets people laugh at themselves with others, not worrying about self-respect or reputation.  Wit also teams with diligence when concerning academics, allowing someone to excel and strive for top grades.  They do so not for the recognition but for the knowledge.


When I speak of integrity, I look for more than just truth.  I look for the willingness to admit fault, even when no one would have known otherwise.  I find moral self-restraint highly attractive, in the sense that I’m more comfortable around those who practice such values.  I also look for those who speak straight, not sweetening their words with half-truths.  Wit finds strength with integrity, for if you combine truth with intelligence you shall find peace.


So those who do not value that which defines them, that which is their true self, I have no purpose around such people.  Those closest to me are those who show the most promise, and live in their potential, knowing while they are imperfect they can live fully.  The question is, am I the kind of person other people will value?


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