Looking for Plan B

Life is about choices, no one can rationally deny this fact.  However there comes a time where the choice to be made is not one we wish to make.  This is where we start to search for Plan B, the alternative.  Spiritually we oft find ourselves facing a hard time or temptations that we seek to avoid, and pray will leave, yet the trial persists.  Are we left without a spiritual Plan B?  Is there only one way through our tormented and turbulent Christian walk?  I think not…

What example do we have of leaders of faith who sought Plan B?  First we have Abraham and Sarah.  God promised them a son, even at their ripe old age, yet they (mainly Sarah) disbelieved God’s providence and sought to fulfill the promise through another path, Hagar.  So Hagar bore a son, the proverbial Plan B, and all was well.  That is until Plan A was put into motion.  Now what did that leave the world with?  Two blood relatives, Isaac and Ishmael, whose descendents are fighting to the death over their father Abraham’s inheritance, one originally intended for the product of Plan A, Isaac.  I’m not going say that Ishmael’s descendents are in the wrong, if anything Abraham cursed our world with never-ending strife because he looked for Plan B.

Another incredible potent example is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. First he was led into the desert by the Holy Spirit to be tempted, this was God’s Plan A to aid the redemption of mankind.  However there was presented a Plan B, accepted Satan’s offers and be relieved of the suffering.  While Christ didn’t necessarily seek a Plan B, it was readily offered to him as an escape.  However he withstood the temptation to opt out and was granted rest through the Holy Spirit and heavenly angels sent to his aid.  A brilliant display of mental, spiritual, and physical endurance coupled with the unrelenting faith in his deliverance.  Yet this is not the only time Christ found himself struggling with Plan A.  In the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ prayed that His Father might take the cup away from him, begging for another way.  Now there’s a man not wishing to fulfill Plan A.  Did you understand the significance of this?  Our Saviour, who died on the cross to redeem us from ourselves, wished for Plan B!  He wanted to avoid the pain and suffering, just as we do.  But what did he receive instead? Comfort and strength to aid him in completing Plan A.  This is the test of our faith, accepting that Plan A is the perfect and only plan, despite the fact we wish not to do it.

Everyone must do things they wish they did not have to do.  Our Creator is no exception.  Do you really believe God wanted to kick Adam and Eve out of the perfect home he created from them? I think not, but the stain of their sin was too great to allow inside paradise.  They choose Plan B and God was forced to put them back on Plan A, banishing them from paradise to live with their sins.  However He did not leave Plan B unanswered, first He made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, making Israel His Chosen People.  Through sacrificial offerings, Israel was able to avoid Plan B (though they were tempted at many times, falling away on a regular basis) and stumble towards Plan A.  To eternally rectify Plan A for all mankind, God sent His only Son to become sin’s Plan B.  By subjecting His son to the painful death on the cross, He enables us to rise above the options, beyond the Plan B, and steadfastly follow his plan, Plan A.

So where do we stand?  Have we whole-heartedly accepted Plan A?  Or are we still searching for Plan B?  Consider that the next time you make a choice…


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