Tough Love Breeds Tough Children

When we stop to consider the effects of parental love has on our mature adult state of mind, it can be like staring at the partially opened closet door late at night.  We are afraid of the monster we oh so fiercely believe lives inside, despite the comforting words of denial from our mothers and fathers.  As adults we can often approach the darker times of our childhood like that darken closet, afraid of the impossibility that may, or may not, exist within.  The real test is whether or not we confront our fear and open this door to our childhood wide or remain content with leaving it as is.

Perhaps instead of living in the state of constant apprehension of the impossibility of our dark pasts, we should just close the door.  Many a great man have cautioned their successors to forget the past, and move on.  Others would remind you to hold the past in high regard, without letting it control the way you live.  Finally those without fear are told to confront it boldly, smashing their inner childhood demons.  But are we truly able to slay our childhood haunts when we are no longer children?

It takes the faith of a child to move mountains, this unrelenting, unwavering faith in the impossible.  Yet to our childlike minds the impossible is too abstract and complex to understand therefore if we believe it can happen, there is no reason why it should not.

Maybe that’s the true secret to faith, not just finding your inner child again, but also confronting those impossibilities that haunted you in the darkest hours.  Without the monster in our closet removed from sight and mind, the understanding of the impossible will linger, forcing to question our ability to believe.  Faith is an ultimate test of belief, one that requires much more than mature thinking and yet much less than we feel necessary.


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