The Art of Emotional Escapism

Finding the way to deal, finding the means to avoid, finding the object of attention that can help you forget.  This method of coping is often found in those dissatisfied with their lives.  However it also applies to another group of people, those who you might least expect.  These people seek to escape from the emotional drain and pain of their lives without avoiding the responsibility their lives require.

Does this seem counter-intuitive? Yes, perhaps…

Is it a wild philosophical statement made in self-justification? No, not at all…

I must explain this, so those of a simpler mind might follow this runaway train of thought.  I suffer from an exhaustive emotional disorder, one I am not allowed to diagnose and one I cannot explain in its entirety.  However it does exhibit itself within this statement: “I am a gamer”.  I game to escape, but not to ignore.  I am completely coherent of what happens around me and how I am responsible for events that occur.  I game to suppress the ever-rising tidal wave of emotions that exist in my almost perfect world.  I do like my life, I just don’t like myself.

Did you catch the personal irony?  Most people hate their lives, but love who they are.  I am almost completely the opposite. I feel truly blessed with my life, family, and friends.  God is good, I am evil.  It is part of that sinful nature I cannot seem to escape from, the emotional pain I cannot fully suppress.

If you read this, do not empathize, sympathize, or criticize. Just pray.


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