LoL – Storm and Lightning

Storm and Lightning, the Thunder Twins

The Thunder Twins are a double-champion, ie- two characters in one, one controlled normally and the other with alt-clicks as if they were a pet. Smart-casting is replaced by casting the other twin’s ability at the cursor location if possible.




Health- Medium

Damage- Medium/Low

Spells- High/Medium

Defense- Medium/Low

Weapon Range- Storm: 100, Lightning: 400.

Simple Lore:

The Thunder Twins gained their name from the unnatural event that led to their birth. As their pregnant mother was travelling during a lightning storm to visit her husband, a reknowned blacksmith of Lokfar, she was struck by a singular powerful bolt of lightning. Going into labor, the twins emerged charged with electricity and resonating from the proximity they shared. Their poor mother was unable to handle the stress of their unnatural birth and their father, unable to arrive in time to save his wife, viewed his sons as a curse. He locked them away in a mountainside smithy, where they spent the years growing in strength and size as well as honing their electrical powers. Years later they were drawn away from the mountain when a band of raiders attacked the village below. At the sight of their father’s death, the twins summon their greatest power and utterly devastated the raiders. Their actions caused their induction into the League where they are to be observed.


I feel it is important to review the mechanics of this two-in-one champion as it is not a concept seem yet in LoL. You start controlling Storm (as he is the elder of the twins, and the stronger) and Lightning will follow at a range of 500 unless directed to move otherwise using the alt-click command. The twins cannot be farther than 750 apart but will move in tandem if a range of 500 is achieved by a primary movement command (right-click). Casting spells for the primary twin (one selected) is accomplished normally, however if you wish to cast the other twin’s corresponding spell without first selecting them, you can do so by alt-Q, etc. Stats-wise, Storm has higher survivability base stats (health, armor and magic resist, attack) while Lightning has higher damage stats (attack speed, ability power). They share item stats and slots.


Passive- Static Resonance:

The closer the twins stay to each other, the stronger they both become. For every minute the twins stay within 300/450/600 of each other they gain a stack of Static Resonance. Each stack increases their health, attack damage, and ability power by 2.5%, max 6/8/10 stacks. If the twins move farther than the required distance apart, stacks decay at 1 per 10 seconds.

Addendum- The Thunder Twins use energy and their Q/W/E skills share cooldowns, respectively. If one twin dies, the other will suffer true damage equal to 40% of their maximum health (this can be fatal). Death timers for one twin is halved if the other is still alive, if a twin respawns while another is alive, it will walk (run) to the other twin travelling 2x its normal movespeed.

Q- Static Palm/Lightning Lance:

Storm (Static Palm):

Passive- Auto-attacks build up charges, for each charge increases Storm’s attack speed by 3/6/9/12/15% and movement speed by 1/2/3/4/5% for 3 seconds, max 5 charges.

Active- Storm consumes the charges to deal 25/40/55/70/85 (+5 per charge, +.2 AP) additional magic damage to his target and splashes 50% (+5% per charge) to nearby enemies within 350. Cost 50 energy, Cooldown- 8/8/7/7/6 sec

Lightning (Lightning Lance):

Throw a charged lance in a line dealing 65/80/95/110/125 (+.4 AP) magic damage to all units it passes through (-5% damage per enemy hit). If the lance passes through Storm, it’s speed is doubled and it will snare the first champion hit for .5/.6/.75/.9/1 seconds and refund 25 energy. Cost 50 energy, Cooldown- 8/8/7/7/6 sec

W- Thunder Pounce/Static Illusion

Storm (Thunder Pounce):

Storm channels for .5 sec then leaps at the target area, dealing 80/100/120/140/160 physical damage (+.2 AP, +.4 AD) and slowing enemies hit by 30% for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds.  Cost 65/65/70/70/75 energy, Cooldown- 15/14/13/12/11 sec

Lightning (Static Illusion):

Passive- Every 4th spell cast by Storm or Lightning creates a illusionary clone of Lightning, granting Lightning stealth for 5/6/7.5/9/10 seconds if he remains stationary. Clones move on their own, attacking the nearest enemy (preferring champions) and reflecting 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% of the damage they take as true damage. (Clone deal no damage on attack, only reflect damage on being attacked. Clones last until killed or another clone is created)

E- Storm’s Warning/Chain Reaction

Storm (Storm’s Warning):

Taunt a nearby enemy champion for 1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 sec and reduce their movement speed by 15% for 1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 sec after the taunt ends. Cost 80/80/85/90/90 energy, Cooldown 20/19.5/19/18.5/18 sec

Lightning (Chain Reaction):

Connect Storm, Lightning, and any Static Illusions with electricity. Enemies within the area take 50/75/100/125/150 (+.3 AP) magic damage, enemies hit by the current are also stunned for .9/1.05/1.2/1.35/1.5 sec (-.1 sec per number of currents). Cost 80/80/85/90/90 energy, Cooldown 20/19.5/19/18.5/18 sec

Addendum- the stun’s effect is diminished by the number of currents caused by Chain Reaction. For example, if there are Storm, Lightning, and a Static Illusion connected by currents then the stun’s duration is decreased by .3 seconds)

R- Thunder Avatar

Storm and Lightning channel in unison for 1 (2 for a single twin) seconds to summon the Avatar of Thunder. The Avatar of Thunder gains the combined stats of the twins decreased by 30/25/20%, regenerates energy at an increased rate and casts spells with an empowered/alternate effect (normal cast for Storm’s, smart-cast for Lightning’s). Avatar lasts for 15/20/25 seconds, upon ending Storm and Lightning reappear at the place the Avatar last stood with their health % equal to that of the Avatar when the duration ended. Cost 125 energy, Cooldown 125 sec

Q- Stacks of Static Palm are not consumed on activation, splash damage increased by 25%. Lightning Lance does not lose damage as it passes through enemies and automatically snares the first enemy champion hit increasing snare length by .25/.5/.75 sec.

W- Thunder Pounce knocks up enemies upon landing as well as slowing, slow amount increased by 10% per rank. Static Illusion becomes a passive that returns 15/20/25% of every 4th source of damage received as true damage.

E- Storm’s Warning now taunts all enemies in a cone (duration unchanged). Chain Reaction now links the Avatar with nearby ally champions (duration, effect unchanged).

Addendum- The Thunder Avatar’s stats are Storm’s plus Lightning’s minus 30/25/20% of the total. So if Storm has 950 hp and Lightning has 865 hp at lvl 6, then the Thunder Avatar would have 1270 hp.

Final Thoughts-

Before any comments scream OP OP OP, consider the trade-offs. For their passive, they must remain close together thus making it easier to kill both of them (or kill one and cause fatal damage to the other). Lightning’s Q is a skillshot that requires you to line up both Storm and Lightning with the enemy for maximum effect. Storm’s W has a decent channel time, allowing alert enemies to move out of the way (since he faces the direction he’ll pounce in while channeling). Their E each requires certain things to occur, Storm must be in melee range and Lightning gets maximum effect if he is a good distance away from Storm and a Static Illusion. While the Thunder Avatar seems incredibly strong, he makes killing both the Thunder Twins much easier as they are now one champion.


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