Time Spent Unintentionally

The title explains my current situation quite nicely. It’s not that I let time slip away from me, I never realize where it goes to. Without a reason or remainder, I tend to ignore the metaphysical existence of man’s invention of time and let my internal cycle dictate my choice of activities. This is a direct result of my inadvertent aptitude for structural delinquency. If time passes on a clock but not in my mind, has anything progressed beyond the increase of my knowledge and death of thousands of brain cells? The world might see itself as moving forward but how can they know nothing changes when everything does? Rather time is a form of control. It controls how we act and the pace at which we act. Time makes the dictatorial presence behind seem like a reality, as if we have something to prove in order to prevent misfortune from appearing on our doorstep. So next time you find yourself looking at the clock in anguish, remember those robotic hands or digital digits do not control your life any more than you let them.


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