LoL- Espion and Lynk

Espion, The Spectre

Role- Tank, Support


Passive- Distortion of the Spectre:

Espion’s normal attacks deal magic damage equal to 90% of his attack damage. Espion also converts 50% of all magic damage he receives to physical damage.

Q- Haunt’s Grasp:

Espion sends forth an ethereal hand to snare an opponent for a short time (.75/.9/1.05/1.20/1.35) and then slow them for equal amount of time afterwards.

W- Nightmare:

Espion calls forth a nightmare to haunt the enemy, causing them to stumble around in fear for 1 sec and take damage over time for 5 seconds.

E- Shadewalker:

Passive- Espion moves without unit collision. Active- Espion blinks to a target location, increasing ally resistances and decreasing enemy resistances for a short time.

R- Eternal Haunting:

(Toggle) Lowers enemy attack damage and ability by 5/7.5/10% and deals damage over time equal to half the reduced amount per second.

Lynk, The Graffiti Guerilla

Role- Assassin, Mage


Passive- The Pilfering Painter:

Whenever Lynk kills an enemy champion or gets an assist, he gains additional gold equal to 5/7.5/10% of their items purchase value.

Q- Parkor Prowess:

Passive: Lynk gains 5/10/15/20/25% increased attack and 2/4/6/8/10% movement speed.

Active: Lynk jumps a short distance to a target location. If he lands on an opponent he lowers their attack and movement speed by double his passive amount. This skill can be used again after use for an increased mana cost within the next 2-5 seconds.

W- Corrosive Spray Paint:

Lynk unleashes a spray of corrosive magical paint in a cone in front of him dealing magic damage and lowering enemy armor and magic resistance for a short time. Enemies killed while under the effect of Corrosive Spray Paint restore mana to Lynk equal to 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% of their maximum health.

E- Terpentine Molotov:

Lynk throws a bottle of explosive fluid to a target area dealing magic damage upon impact and scorching the area for a short time. Enemies on the area take damage over time.

R- Explosive Graffiti:

Lynk tags an enemy, giving them a stack of Explosive Graffiti. If Lynk tags them again in the next 75s, the tag explodes dealing 5/10/15 magic damage times the number of seconds between tags. Lynk stores a tag every 30s for a maximum of 4/5/6 tags.


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