Paranormal Character Sketch #1

Name- Chadrick (Chad) Terrest

Age- 20

Type- Part Vampire, Part Spectre

Powers- Mind Invasion (vampire), Temporary Transparency (spectre)

Intro- So being from a wealthy family can have its advantages… It’s not too hard to pick up wenches at the taverns downtown just by flashing some coin. Nor do I lack other pleasures. My best friend Patrick, son of our butler, keeps me out of trouble, most of the time. Sure I live a high life, but it’s not nearly as fun as those adventurers make theirs out to be. That’s what I really wanna do, go out and see the world. My father has other plans however, he’d like me to study law or something “noble”, as he’d put it. Bah I’m not suited for politics or business, living life on the edge has always been my calling. Maybe I’ll sneak out soon, go see the other continents or something. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet someone who doesn’t care I’m rich, someone who cares about me on a personal level. On second thought forget I said that, yeah adventure… that’s what I need. Maybe my special abilities can help me get started, maybe…


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